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Super Sammy Book Signing Event at Lurie Children’s Hospital

Sammy showed flu-like symptoms in the fall of 2016. Concerned, her parents brought her to their local hospital, and she was transported to Lurie Children’s. There her parents were told she was extremely critical and had little hope of survival. Doctors at Lurie Children’s Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) determined a rare virus attacked Sammy’s heart, causing her body to go into septic shock. She underwent emergency open-heart surgery and spent the next several weeks recovering at the CCU with the support of her family and team of caregivers. She survived, but as a result Sammy has complex medical needs that will require continuous care at Lurie Children’s. “Today we’re counting our blessings that she’s smiling, dancing and laughing,” her mother Marissa says. Now 15 years old, Sammy hopes to make a difference with an annual “Kindness Day” celebration in her community as a way of sharing gratitude for the support and kindness she received and continues to receive during her recovery.

Sammy with Dr. Eltayeb

Sammy has a children’s book that illustrates her battle with being sick and recovering from her illness at Lurie Children’s. Her book is written by her brother and sister making it all the more special. Sammy’s book is large part of her partnership and efforts with Kindness Day Bolingbrook, is celebrated yearly in May.

The Super Sammy books for her book signing event were a way to thank the wonderful doctors and medical team for loving Sammy and taking such good care of her. The books were donated by Spanish Ladder ( one of Sammy’s Kindness Day Bolingbrook partners. Sammy and her family are so thankful for the Spanish Ladder’s generosity.

Super Sammy signing her book at Lurie Children’s Crown Sky Garden,

You can purchase your copy of Super Sammy from Amazon

Sammy with Clare Scheller, Gift Officer.