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Meet a Change Maker: Carrie Moses from Morris Walmart















Tell us about yourself…

“I’ve worked for Wal-Mart for the last 18 years.  I live in Montgomery, IL and I’ve been a Store Manager at the Morris store for the last 4 years.  I’ve been fundraising with Wal-Mart for Children’s Miracle Network for the at least the last 16 years.”

What fundraising achievements are you most proud of?

“One of my proudest accomplishments during my time fundraising for CMN was this past year when our store raised $30,000.  It was such a fun year!  We always try to find ways to raise more.”

What inspires you to raise funds and awareness for Lurie Children’s?

“‘Why I fundraise’ had a deeper meaning for me during the fundraising year of 2014. My niece Raegan, who I call my mini, had a tumor behind her eye.  I was actually working at Morris at the time as a Co Manager.  She ended up spending some time at Lurie Children’s.  She is doing better and still has once a year checkups there.  The team is amazing.  I have always been so grateful for this cause and I will forever give to those families that need it the most.”

“A few years ago, we had a CMN miracle family stop by the store. We met their son and heard their many thanks for all the fundraising we do.  It was a heartfelt moment.  We gave their son a Walmart truck and he loved it.  Those moments of seeing who you are fundraising for, are the ones that will always last with you.”

Any advice for other CMN fundraisers?

“The advice I’d give to other CMN fundraisers is to always just ask.  It never hurts to ask if someone will donate.  Don’t get discouraged if they don’t, there is always someone who will give more than you expect. With Covid-19, we were worried about not being able to raise the money with not being able to do some of our favorite fundraising events, such as selling popcorn. But my team was amazed by how much people contributed!  Some customers gladly gave $20 to the cashiers. Make your events something to have fun with your team and share those moments. We are all working towards the same goals.”