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March & April Dance Marathon Recap

Lincoln Way East High School Dance Marathon – March 7th 

This first-year program pulled off a successful event, right before schools closed due to COVID-19. Rallying the administration and the students to take part in a neon themed night, the board raised $14,805 for the patients and families at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Barrington High School Dance Marathon – Virtual

This year, Barrington High School Dance Marathon was scheduled for March 21st. The week of the event, the executive council received the unfortunate news that they could no longer host their event due to COVID-19. The students worked hard all year by hosting multiple fundraisers and recruiting over 175 participants. They decided to celebrate their hard work, virtually. They created this video and announced a total of $37,282, a 16% increase from the previous year.

Valparaiso Dance Marathon – April 4th – Virtual 

This year, in just a quick two weeks, Valparaiso University Dance Marathon converted to a virtual event after their campus was closed due to COVID-19. On April 4th, ValpoDM welcomed over 400 Dancers to participate in their event via Instagram. Throughout their four-hour virtual event, they shared miracle stories, did morale color team social media challenges and even learned the morale dance! Those who participated were encouraged to learn the dance at home and then record and submit their videos to ValpoDM to show how the community was coming together from home. This year, ValpoDM celebrated over $56,000 raised for the kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

DemonTHON – April 9th – Virtual

With much resiliency, DemonTHON hosted their 2020 event via Zoom after having to cancel their in-person big event. Over 115 students came together on Zoom for two hours where they learned the morale dance, heard from Lure Children’s patient families and played games together to celebrate an incredible year FTK. The DePaul community revealed over $82,000 raised for patients and families being treated at Lurie Children’s Hospital.