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#GoGold In September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Every child deserves the chance to overcome serious illness, and thanks to decades of research, 80 percent of children

diagnosed with cancer will survive. Despite this success, pediatric cancer still claims the lives of more children in the nation than any other disease.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we’re asking our Children’s Miracle Network partners to #GoGold in support of the patients and families who have fought or are still fighting cancer at Lurie Children’s.

Here’s how you and your team can get involved:

  1. SHARE – each week in September you’ll receive special stories about our Lurie Children’s patient champions who have fought cancer. Keep an eye out and make sure to read and share these stories with your team members as inspiration and reminders of the impact your fundraising.
  2. SUPPORT – as the largest cancer center for children in Illinois, Lurie Children’s relies on the support of our Children’s Miracle Network community to treat as many patients as possible. Plan and host a fundraiser with your team, customers and business partners during September to support the work being done at Lurie Children’s. We’ve even created a #GoGold homepage for you and your team to make or accept online donations at
  3. GO SOCIAL – share the facts, statistics and stories you hear throughout the month with your friends, family and social networks to boost awareness of the need for childhood cancer research and treatment funding and help drive change #ForTheKids.

Lurie Children’s continues to push boundaries to reach the day when all kids battling cancer not only survive illness, but are able to thrive in their daily life.

Together, with your help, we can make that happen.

For the kids,

Your Lurie Children’s Team