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A Letter From Moms: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

For many, September means the beginning of fall, cooler weather, and football season being in full swing.

But for us, September is a painful reminder of the battle our children, and so many others, have fought and continue to fight even after their treatment is finished. For us, this month is more than just 30 days of shocking statistics about the number of children who are affected by this horrible disease, or the realization that there is much progress to be made when it comes to research and developing less toxic treatments.

For us, this month is every month, every week, and every moment.

For Benjamin, it means returning to the baseball field after 3.5 years of countless, grueling IV chemotherapy treatments, blood and platelet transfusions, and hospital stays.

For Abby, it means celebrating milestones like becoming cancer-free, even though cancer will forever be a part of her life as she continues to grow up.

For Brannon, it means persevering and starting 8th grade as he continues to experience late effects from his treatment.

On behalf of all children whose parents have heard or will hear will hear the words “Your child has cancer,” we thank you for your support. You continue to lift us up and give us hope in even the darkest of moments. Thank you for all you do.

For Benjamin, for Abby, for Brannon. For The Kids.



Jennie (mom of Benjamin, leukemia survivor)

Melissa (mom of Abby, leukemia survivor)

Kristin (mom of Brannon, brain cancer survivor)