Panda Express in Hinsdale, Illinois Celebrates Employee’s Fundraising Success

On August 25th, Panda associate Rawan Abushaqra raised $275.10 in one day in change for her location at the Hinsdale Oasis, by focusing on the ask of every customer to donate their change to the location’s canister. To celebrate her achievement, Charlie Castino and his parents, Jennifer and Mark, surprised Rawan at the store and gifted her with CMN Hospitals and Lurie Children’s Hospital pins and a piece of patient artwork in a Lurie Children’s frame.

After the surprise, Rawan and her manager Ismail showed the family and hospital around their kitchen, gave Charlie a behind-the-scenes look at how their food is made and answered all of his questions (he’s a very curious kiddo!).

After the tour, Charlie posted up at the register for a bit and rang the bell for customers as they donated! Rawan gave Charlie a stuffed Panda and he LOVED it – Jennifer let us know that he slept with it that night and won’t let it go!

Jennifer said they drove past a Panda while they were running errands on Saturday after the recent visit and Charlie insisted that they stop and thank the team at that store and show them his Panda. You can learn more about Charlie’s story in the video below.

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