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Extra Life Chicago wins over $18,000 during Extra Life United for Lurie Children’s

Congrats and THANK YOU to all our amazing Extra Lifers in Chicago who competed and participated in Extra Life United 2022! 15 Extra Life Chicago guild members joined in to compete in video games, table top games, cosplay, and other creative competitions.  

Extra Life United is an annual tournament hosted by CMN Hospitals during Children’s Hospitals week. Participants of Extra Life United can play video and table top games either in person in Orlando or virtually from home and compete to win funds for their local CMN Hospital. In total, Chicago Guild members won $18,520 of the $250,000 prize pool to change kids’ health at Lurie Children’s in Chicago!  

See below for the 2022 Chicago Extra Life United Placements. Huge thank you to all the Chicago Gamers for their participation in this year’s tournament!   

2nd place: Pete Howes 
4th place:Nathan Clemente 
5th place:Diana Xu 
9th place:Jon C Smith 

Halo Infinite Virtual 
12th place:Pete Howes 

Kingdomino Duel 
2nd place:Nathan Clemente 
4th place: Pete Howes 
6th place:Diana Xu 
8th place:Melissa Lee-Litowitz 
12th place:Jon C Smith 
Magic: The Gathering Arena Virtual 
9th place:Nathan Clemente 
11th place: Jon C Smith 
2nd place:Melissa Lee-Litowitz 
3rd place:Pete Howes 
5th place: Nathan Clemente 
6th place:Diana Xu 
10th place:Jon C Smith 

Pokemon Unite In-Person 
3rd place: Emily Kukral and team 
6th place: Dave Hansen and team 

Pokemon Unite Virtual 
13th place: Pallet Town Kids 

9th place: Emily Kukral 

4th place: Dave Hansen 
15th place: Emily Kukral